Mark Buitenwerf

Media Art Friesland 2016


I was very happy when I was invited for the Young Masters exhibition at the Media Art Friesland festival.  After visiting the festival for a few years in a row I finally got a chance to join the event with my own work.


I was asked to develop a new piece for the festival with a focus on interactivity. The theme of the festival was light and that made me think about how to incorporate this in my new piece. After a good brainstorm session I decided to make a multi-sensory installation.


The new piece was called “Taste of Light”. It existed out of three pedestals with glass plates on top of them. The plates were filled with three different colored liquids. Using capacitive touch sensors I was able to detect whether somebody was touching the liquids. If an audience member would touch for example the red liquid the whole room would light up in red, a “red” sound would play, the liquid would taste “red” and smell “red”.

I was able to manipulate the smell and taste senses by using E-numbers, aroma's and food coloring.


With the piece I wanted to ask questions about the perception of color. Because in essence, color does not exist without light. We associate red with a sweet or spicy taste and the smell of roses. But should we if we would know the truth? The non-existence of color.


For me the project was fun because I had never worked with capacitive touch or DMX lighting so there was a lot to learn.


The biggest surprise to me was that I won the audience award! This was really nice! I won a residency to AADK in Blanca, Spain and will go there in the beginning of April 2017.