Mark Buitenwerf

Maakfestival 2017 @ Groninger Forum [NL]


I was invited to present two work in process works at the Maakfestival in Groningen.

The first work was an upgraded version of my Musica Bacteria project that I first started working on at the BioHack Academy in Amsterdam earlier this year. The other project was the LCD Cinema that I developed during my residency at AADK in Blanca, Spain.


I was able this time to grow a bacteria record on some general kitchen agar.

After the growth of the bacteria (which were 'caught' at the forum) I carefully stained them with some water color paint. After this dried I used prolonged exposure to UV light and 90% ethanol to stop the growth of new bacteria.

I hacked an old record player to only turn when spun so the audience could spin the record them self.

Workshop Mindstorms


Besides presenting the works I also gave a short workshop LEGO Mindstorms to elementary school students.

In just 30 minutes the kids learned how to program some basic motor control and make their Mindstorms ride across the room.

Big thanks to the awesome people of ITurnIT for supplying the Mindstorms!