Mark Buitenwerf

Licht Ritmiek


Licht Ritmiek(eng: Light Rhythm)  was my graduation project for the Academy for Popular Culture. I was studying music there but during my time there I slowly lost my interest in performing and producing music and got more into art. So the only logical thing to do then is to convince your teacher that you want to graduate on sound art.


Before Licht Ritmiek I did some DIY synthesis projects using timer and CMOS chips. I reused this knowledge for this project. Using a Hex Schmitt Inverter and and light depended resistor I made a few small light theremin like boxes to produce sound. During my experimentation used different light sources to manipulate my small noise boxes. It was here that I started using strobe-like effects from bicycle lights and strobes. Together these lights and boxes were able to create complex syncopated rhythms.


My next step was to give the audience the control. Giving them the ability to create sound and music with my artwork. Because the installation is very difficult to control it was interesting to see that it created a sort of musical equality between trained musicians and people who've never touched an instrument in their lives.


From there on I exhibited the installation on multiple occasions and I am currently working on a second iteration of the work.





Galerie SIGN, Groningen [NL]

Sneeuw en Ruis, Utrecht [NL]

Noorderzon, Groningen [NL]

De nacht van kunst en wetenschap, Groningen [NL]

Sounds of music festival, Groningen [NL]

Generate, Tübingen [DE]