Mark Buitenwerf

Light Graffiti


In my second year of my bachelor degree music I decided to also start a bachelor in arts. I was doing a lot of visuals projects like the glitch art and the collage so I decided that I might as well get a degree in it.


On of my very first projects involved light graffiti (also called light painting or light drawing) which is a technique that involves a camera with a long exposure time and some lights. I quickly started to develop this into a  workshop format. I traveled the Netherlands with a bag of fancy lights and a camera to visit various elementary schools for a workshop.


Workshops (incomplete list)


Vinkhuysenschool(NL) - 2013

Museum Dr888(NL) - 2013

Academie voor Popcultuur(NL) – 2013

Sencity festival (NL) – 2013

CBS Het Kompas (NL) - 2014

Ateliers Majeur (NL) – 2014

Ateliers Majeur (NL) – 2015

Media Art Friesland Festival (NL) - 2016