Mark Buitenwerf

Jij in de Lawei 2015


Now for something completely different: theater production!

I got asked to participate in the Jij in de Lawei project in the city of Drachten.


In this great concept multiple groups of elementary school students invited to the grand theater of Drachten; De Lawei. There they start in the morning with a theater piece (A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare) and they have the performance the very same night! The students are divided in to smaller groups and each group works on its own piece. There was a actor group, dance group, singing group, percussion group, fashion group, technical group and for the first time, led by me, a special effects group.


My group made small video which we then projected using projection mapping techniques. We made a smiling face inside the moon, dancing elves in the woods, leaves on the trees and a scary nightmare sequence among many things.