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Maakfestival 2017 @ Groninger Forum [2017]


I was invited to present two work in process works at the Maakfestival in Groningen.

The first work was an upgraded version of my Musica Bacteria project that I first started working on at the BioHack Academy in Amsterdam earlier this year. The other project was the LCD Cinema that I developed during my residency at AADK in Blanca, Spain.


HotchPotch Festival @ Platform Minerva, Groningen [2017]


Together with Syrian musician Karoun Baghboudarian I made a cool new instrument for children.

Karoun made a new color-based system of music notation for kids to quickly get in to music making.

I helped her developing this into a real instrument.

We made a table where different color-coded plates would play to musical notes related to in Karoun's notation system.

Residency Centro Negra - [AADK] Blanca [2017]


I've spend most of April in Blanca doing a residency in Blanca.

During this residency I focused on experimenting with new techniques en methods both digital and analog.

This way of working lead me to making a multitude of small installations. Among the installations was a drawing robot, a music instrument made with vibe motors and experiments with LED's and matrices. This residency also started my work on the LCD Cinema project.

Bio Hack Academy - Waag Society [2017]


At the beginning of February I started with my BioHack Academy course at the Waag Society.

To goal of the course I to teach the principles of DIY biohacking to the students.

I saw  this as a good opportunity to develop new  skills, find new materials and methods for my own work and maybe even dive in to the world of BioArt. Check out my progress at the BioHack Academy here

Inventors LAB - Ateliers Majeur [2017]


I ran a small inventors workshop in the city of Heerenveen for Ateliers Majeur.

Kids from 8 till 12 years old could join the classes. We started out by developing different concepts on paper.

The students proceeded by making small first-draft prototypes before moving on to their final product and exhibition for parents and elders. I saw some amazing projects during this 4 day course. How about a dancing-ear-machine? electronic cat toy or Disco-Lemonade? Three students even build their own racing game with custom cardboard steering wheel and gas pedal (all functional). I was there just to show the kids the right direction and give them technical assistance. The rest was just a lot of imagination and hard work by the students.

Workshop interactive performance - Royal Conservatory of Antwerp [2017]


Constance Isabelle, a student at the royal conservatory of Antwerp asked me to collaborate on a workshop. Constance and I graduated together at the Academy for Popular Culture in Leeuwarden where we did a lot of multidisciplinary projects.


The goal of our two day workshops was to make a multidisciplinary performance combining designers, dancers, musicians en technology. On the first day we build a nice interactive dance floor with a MakeyMakey. The floor triggered certain samples on the computer when touched. We only made one a few of  the trigger plates grounded so the players would have to touch each other to make a ground connection...

My First Festival- [2016]


My first festival, a one day festival with focus on a very young audience (2-12), asked me to try out an interactive installation for them. I build a first prototype called beuk, beat, ballet (Bash, Beat, Ballet). The kids could hit on two big floor toms. On each hit a stick man animation would progress one frame giving the children an interactive way to create their own dancing animation.


I am currently working on a more sophisticated version of this installation with images of real dancers.


Media Art Friesland - [2016]


I was very happy when I was invited for the Young Masters exhibition at the Media Art Friesland festival.  After visiting the festival for a few years in a row I finally got a chance to join the event with my own work.


I was asked to develop a new piece for the festival with a focus on interactivity. The theme of the festival was light and that made me think about how to incorporate this in my new piece. After a good brainstorm session I decided to make a multi-sensory installation.


Kreaasje Residency - [2016]


I was asked by Keunstwurk in Leeuwarden to join their first residency program Kreaasje.

At the residency they collected creative young minds from all disciplines. There were musicians, producers, photographers, architects and designers.


The first two days I collaborated with other makers on various small pressure cooker projects and experiments. The last two days I worked on my own experiments regarding reflection and eventually video feedback. In the final day this resulted in a small installation in which the audience could play with their own video feedback.

Culture Swing Machine - [2016]


For the Nacht van kunst en kennis (night of art and knowledge) I was asked to make an interactive video work for the anthropological museum in Leiden. Because of the multicultural nature of the museum I started working from that angle. I quickly came to dancing because dancing is fun and done in all cultures and easy to relate to.


This soon resulted in to the Culture Swing Machine in which the audience could take on the role of vj or video mixer and mix different dances from different cultures and regions of the world. It was a nice experience to work with a big festival and learn a lot about user interaction in the process.

Purgamentum Prototype - [2016]


For the Orbit festival I've set up a concept and prototype for a new work involving some shadowplay. A miniature-train with a super bright LED would drive through old computer electronics casting a city-scape-like projection on the wall. Due to conflicting agenda's the work never got finished but I still like the prototypes very much.


A big thanks to Lee Mc Donald for being a great substitute train!

High Voltage Super Disco Swing Machine – 2016


High Voltage Super Disco Swing Machine was my first commissioned work for the UIT festival in Leeuwarden [NL]. The festival wanted to introduce the music/theater/classical art audience it has to new media art and asked me to create some easy accessible and fun with sound.




Licht Ritmiek - [2016]


Licht Ritmiek(eng: Light Rhythm)  was my graduation project for the Academy for Popular Culture. I was studying music there but during my time there I slowly lost my interest in performing and producing music and got more into art. So the only logical thing to do then is to convince your teacher that you want to graduate on sound art.



Voodoo Mama - [2016]


My friends of the Broken Brass Ensemble asked me to make a music video for them.

Their song Voodoo Mama got remixed by the guys of Cairo Liberation Front.


Now music video's or professional movie making is not really my thing.

Lucky for me it was just a fun project and the band didn't take it too seriously.

That gave me the freedom to just mess around a bit and experiment.

The World We Live In - [2016]


I was asked to help with some visuals during the “The World We Live In” event by students from the conservatory of Groningen. This was a special day to raise awareness for global political, geological, environmental and social issues that keep the students awake at night. Each of the students, guest musicians and teachers composed pieces of classical music.


I worked together with Rosie Taekema, Miriam den Boer, Melisa Delgado and Iveta Gaile on a piece called Leaving. I tried to encapsulate the concept of freedom in the visuals as well as the fear of freedom, having nothing to hold on to.

Light Rain - [2016]


I went on an experimentation streak with two students from the NHL university.

Together with Carmen Hofman and Chenice Casander we did some experiments with Light Graffiti techniques. We concluded our session by using blinking lights to recreate rain.




 Broken Brass Ensemble tour - [2016]


After my success with the Broken Brass Ensemble on the Freeze festival they asked me to go on tour with them. Because of my other obligations and travels I wasn't able to play all the shows but nonetheless I got to play 4 shows with the band. It was an amazing and insightfull experience.

 Jij in de Lawei - [2015]


Now for something completely different: theater production!

I got asked to participate in the Jij in de Lawei project in the city of Drachten.


In this great concept multiple groups of elementary school students invited to the grand theater of Drachten; De Lawei. There they start in the morning with a theater piece (A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare) and they have the performance the very same night! The students are divided in to smaller groups and each group works on its own piece.

Broken Brass Ensemble @ Freeze - [2015]


I got asked to do a VJ-performance with the Broken Brass Ensemble for the Freeze Festival in the city of Leeuwarden. Because BBE is an New Orleans Brass band it was quiet different from the acts I would normaly VJ to (mainly dj's). So this was great fun. I got around to find some vintage blues and burlesque footage that worked great with the swing of the band!

GAMELAB -  OBS Skoaterwiis 2015 - [2015]


I was asked by OBS Skoaterwiis to do a 3-day game design project with their 8th graders.

By dividing tasks and combining all our crazy ideas we made an amazing game about a little robot that visited the planet created by the students.


While doing this project we were able to implement some other subjects like geography, history and biology. These subjects helped us to create our own world.



I taught a small electronics workshop to multiple groups of the Roerganger elementary school. We used the Ototo platform to create small and interesting instruments and playgrounds while also learning a thing or two about conducting electricity.



At the Vogelnest elementary school I did two short workshops on media art.

In the first workshop the students created weird robots on paper that would produce sound based on touch. In the second workshop we used a makeymakey to design a video installation that would show the student when you pressed his or her name.

We used graphite to create conductive drawings with the names of the students.




I taught a small electronics workshop to multiple groups of the Heidepolle elementary school. We used the Ototo platform to create small and interesting instruments and playgrounds while also learning a thing or two about conducting electricity.

MEDIALAB - CBS ST. Jozef - [2015]


I taught a small electronics workshops with 6th graders using a MakeyMakey.

On suggestion of the children we created a wall of sounds recorded by the students.

 Robot Painting @ Museum Dr8888 - [2015]


Inspired by a toy called HexBugs I developed robotic painting workshop for the Museum Dr8888. The children got to make artworks with these small robots by connecting a paintbrush to them. After the workshop the kids had a short but interesting talk about “who” made the artwork; the robot or the child?

 Light Graffiti- [Ongoing]


In my second year of my bachelor degree music I decided to also start a bachelor in arts. I was doing a lot of visuals projects like the glitch art and the collage so I decided that I might as well get a degree in it.


On of my very first projects involved light graffiti (also called light painting or light drawing) which is a technique that involves a camera with a long exposure time and some lights. I quickly started to develop this into a  workshop format. I traveled the Netherlands with a bag of fancy lights and a camera to visit various elementary schools for a workshop.


 Micro-X - [2014]


During the I-Week I was invited to go to Tampere In Finland as a student ( I attended a Processing course) and as an artist. In Tampere I preformed my Mirco-X project which is a performance based on microscopic images and microscopic sound found in a specific area of the city.

 Fractal Experiments- [2014]


Simultaneous to my glitch and collage works I experimented with some fractal arts.

I loved the fact that the images are generated through the means of mathematics.

This fascination would eventually lead to me making generative art just a few years later.


 Glitch Art- [2013]


While I was making the collages I was experiencing glitches caused by the “broken” filters of what was then Paint.NET. Adri Schokker introduced me in to Glitch Art and I focused almost a half year of my studies on learning everything about Glitch Art in both stills, moving images and sound.

Collage Experiments - [2012]


During my studies as a musician I got more and more drawn in to the art department within the same institute. I was especially drawn to collages made by some of my fellow graphic design students. I started messing with programs like GIMP, Pixlr and Paint.NET for which I got heavily criticized because I wasn't using the Adobe Suite. This was just more fuel on the fire and I started to exploit the raw unfiltered power of these open source platforms.

 Subjective Atlas of Fryslân- [2012]


At the start of my second year at the academy for popular culture I got the chance to work with Annelys de Vet, a Brussels based graphic designer and the creator of the subjective atlas series. For this series Annelys travels the world to create, as the name implies, subjective atlases.

 Buske komt Dalyk - [2012]


Buske komt Dalyk (Frisian for: the bus will come in a bit) was my first real project in public space as an artist. The final assignment of the first year of my Music Bachelor was to get media attention, by any means necessary. Together with musicians Nelleke van der Meulen and Tammy Rompas and Graphic Designer Lotte Bredewold we developed a concept to make traveling by bus a little more comfortable.