Mark Buitenwerf

High Voltage Super Disco Swing Machine


High Voltage Super Disco Swing Machine was my first commissioned work for the UIT festival in Leeuwarden [NL]. The festival wanted to introduce the music/theater/classical art audience it has to new media art and asked me to create some easy accessible and fun with sound.


I quickly came up with a plan to combine people's fear for electricity with the ability to make music with it. This time I wanted to make an sample-based installation instead of the analog synthesis used in Licht Ritmiek.


De result was a big box with metal wires that would trigger a sample and make sound upon touch. The whole thing was a big learning experience for me on construction, interfacing and presentation. I made mistakes on all those points but learned a lot from it.





UIT festival, Leeuwarden [NL]

Luna light festival, Leeuwarden [NL]