Mark Buitenwerf

Frank Mohr Institute - Media, Arts, Design and Technology



I am currently attending a master degree in arts at the Hanze Hogeschool Academy Minerva. I am attending the media, arts, design and technology(MADtech) course. MADtech is a studio based master which means I have lot of freedom to explore and experiment on an autonomous level. On this page I will describe the awesome stuff I make, do, learn and see during my study.

Experiments with Muse [8-04-2017]


Today I messed for a few hours with the Muse meditation headset and their SDK.

I was able to track some EEG brain activity and Alfa waves as well as the internal accelerator meter in the headband.

Unfortunately I was not yet able to get this data in to Max/Msp or Processing.

This does however pave the road for things to come!




Kinect experiments [01-04-2017]



Today we did a few kinect experiments. Jan Klug told me and Kayleigh Beard all about working with the Kinect and how to use it in installations and performances. We connected the Kinect to Max/MSP by using NImate. This worked really smoothly and we got some nice skeleton tracking out of the IR-camera. This short collaboration really inspired me to bring a Kinect on my next residence at AADK.




Visiting Fluid Matters [16-01-2017]


Today I visited the Fluid Matters at the MU Art Space in Eindhoven in preparation of my participation in the Bio Hack Academy

The Fluid Matters consisted of multiple bio art works and works inspired by biology.

The exhibition made me question what I want to do with Bio Art and what will I create in the coming months.

Exciting times!






Workshop Nikolas Roy [10-01-2017]


The last two days I attended a workshop from Berlin Based artist Nikolas Roy.

In this playfull workshop we messed about with LED-strips and how

Wood working Course [23-11-2017]



Workshop Tez [15-11-2017]



Laz000rrrr!! [14-10-2017]



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