Neon Bodies at Media Art Festival

I did a series of workshops for the MAF festival in December 2017. I moved my studio over to their exhibition.

Together with 300 kids I made this piece called Neon Bodies. The installation contains of a grid with 32 arduino-controlled servo-motors in a 4 by 4 meter grid hanging from the ceiling.

The kids constructed dolls made out of old toys and industrial materials painted with fluorescent paint. By hanging the dolls the servo's I was able to create a choreography for the creatures made by the kids. This was the first time I tried this kind of collaboration instead of instruction approach.

Video Collage at Vera

I was asked to do a VJ-set at LOFT, a club night at Vera.

For a while I've been playing with the idea to create live video collages using chroma/luma keying techniques.

I did this live at LOFT and to my experience it was a big success. At some point I was layering 4 layers of videos over and through one another resulting in images that switched from figurative to abstract in a second. I'm really happy with the results. The movie bellow shows a few of my compositions, not the making processes. The audience really saw me moving around video, stretching it, adding and removing bits as the composition came to life. A lot of fun!

Decision machine - Show

The Decision Machine was exhibited before and during the Explore the North festival in Leeuwarden.

The machine was part of an exhibition about the alphabet for which I was asked to make an artwork around the letter D.

Decision machine - Work in progress

I tried to make a machine which constantly struggles to decide what it wants to be; blue, red or green?

I guess this reflects in a way on my own process as a multi-disciplinary artist who keeps being forced to choose a side. Am I an artist or a teacher or a fuckup?

The result for now is this, a very dumb and ineffective way to switch between the 3 colors on a RGB-LED-strip. Even though it is very ineffective in how it works (this could all be done using a microprocessor), the way it does work makes it insightful for the viewer to see what happens.

Friesland Boeit - Escape Room Puzzle

I was asked to help the guys from Friesland Boeit with their escape room.

I did the electronics and programming for a old telephone patch-box style puzzle in which the participants have to patch through the right signals.

If the patch is correct the servo (bottom right in the picture) will swing 180 degrees and the key slides down the shaft to the participants.

In my original design I made the grave mistake to connect the correct answers to ground. this doesn't work because faulty answers will count as correct.

After some thought and a load of cursing I decided do create a voltage-divider circuit with different values that the Arduino's Analog-In's could detect, basically creating a static potentiometer. This worked and I was really happy because I had never used a voltage divider before and was able to use it as a sort of improvised solution that actually turned out really well! Friesland Boeit asked me if I want to help them with future puzzels as well and I am very much looking forward to do so, this stuff is a lot of fun to design and build.

EMF Hunter - First Prototype

This is the start of something big.. It might even compete for the graduation-work spot.

The concept is simple and inspired by Christina Kubisch's Electric Walks.

Each Audience member will get an EMF-Hunter, an device that makes electromagnetic fields audible.

After that they go on a hunt for fields that sound interesting to them in a setup that I create within a gallery space or event.

The setup consists out of a multitude of devices and contraptions that create exciting EMF's.

The device itself can be regulated, tuned and filtered, making it a sort of halfbreed synthesizer in the process.

My goal is not to show the fields around us (like Kubisch), but to use them to our 'musical' advantage.

The video below is the first prototype working just with a coil and amplifier. Below that is the circuit that I designed to be the real deal.

Experiments with servos and puppets

This December I will build a big installation at the Media Art Friesland festival. A grid of 32 servo's will control up to 100 puppets made by students in my workshops. I am trying to fuse my own artistic vision with my educational projects for once.

Laser Experiments

Buurman Machine

Buurman Machine - The experiments

Buurman Machine - The Sketches

LCD Cinema @ Nacht van Kunst en Kennis 2017

I finaly made 4 LCD movies. Unfortunatly I heard at the last moment that I couldn't present the work as I wanted to (in mini cinema's against the wall) So I opted for mounting the screens op to wooden panels and dress them up with funky fabrics. Even though I really hated the presentation, the work was very popular amongst the audience and most people found the stories very funny. I think the "kneuterigheid" is quiete a value of the work.

LCD Cinema Experiments

Sketchbook excerpts

Building a audio sampler with prof Pezzi at the VU Amsterdam - Translating scientific data in to sound or simply playing sound and re-pitching it.


Guerrilla Laz0rs

Sketches for an laser installation

Taste of Light - From Start to Finish

My Private Rave Party - Sketch for an party-based installation

Experimenting with the Laser Projector

Teaching myself how to use Sketch UP

Sketches made during the Bio Hack Academy

Barbie Light Sculpture made during the Nicolas Roy Workshop

High Voltage Super Disco Swing Machine - From start to finish

Completing the woodworking course at Minerva

Me doing an artist talk at the Media Art Friesland festival on the psychological effects of light on the human psyche - I had no fucking clue what I was talking about!

Installation for Greenhouse@Hanze

Commercial assignment by the Hanze Hoogeschool for a work about rapid prototyping.

The Concept Document (NL)

Residency Kreaasje

Beuk Beat Ballet

Alfabet Project

I was selected as one of the 26 artist to create a letter-based artwork for the Alfabet Project of De Moane. I got the letter D. I take the D for destruction. I used 2D glich techniques and aplied them to 3D models and printed them out. Are these deformities still useful? Is destruction a form of creation?

Collaboration with Ilse de Jong

I worked with Ilse on creating visuals out of her glass work using a video microscope.

Visiting Fluid Matter

Fluid Matter was an exhibition on bio art in Eindhoven I went to see as a preparation on my participation in the bio-hack academy.

I love the aesthetics of the works at Fluid Matter, I don't really care for the conceptual value of the works.

There doesn't really seems to be a point except for we do this because we can, which should be the basis of any science-based art / creative technology in my opinion. These guys are the new alchemists, the new inventors.

Cool Streets Lights in Malaga


Capacitive Touch Experiment

For my work in progress on the installation for Media Art Friesland I decided to spend a day with a capacitive touch board.

Workshop TeZ

I worked together with Anna on the bio-art workshop from TeZ.

I really liked the out-door part of the workshop. Getting the hands dirty!

Famous and Faulty


For the Orbit Festival I set up a concept and prototype for a new work involving some shadow play. A miniature-train with a super bright LED would drive through old computer electronics casting a city-scape-like projection on the wall.


With my RAPA group we had the assignment to create something out of random objects. We made a shadow play.

DMX Experiments

For my upcoming installation at the Media Art Friesland festival I wanted to work with light again.

So I decided do delve in to using DMX via Resolume to control the lights.

Culture Swing Dance Machine

I was commissioned by the Nacht van kunst en kennis to create a work for the anthropological museum. I made an installation in which the audience can VJ with dance-videos from cultures all around the world.

Ars Electronica 2016

This is my top-3 from our study trip to Ars Electronica 2016.


The first installation is a work from Frank Kolkman(NL) and it's basically an DIY surgery table.

I really like the concept of this work because it clearly comments on the declining state of medical insurance.

Kolkman was inspired by the Online communities on Youtube where uninsured Americans teach each other how the preform small surgical procedures.

I think Kolkman's work is very distopian in a sense. It gives us an what-if scenario for the future.


The second work on my list is the work Inferno by Louis-Philippe Demers and Bill Vorn(CA).

This was a performance in which audience members would put on exoskeletons and do a dance performance.

The work made the human body look so fragile. The participants were helpless in the suits, resistance is futile.

Inferno gave me a really cool Terminator vibe.


The third thing on this list was not a work or a performance but a short presentation given by Dieter Doepfer during the Modular Meeting.

I Love modular synths and this guy basically invented the Eurorack Format.

It was just really cool to see him work with the modular and hear him talk about the machine.

Summer 2016

After seeing my graduation work Licht Ritmiek one of my teachers asked me to build him a noise-box. I had complete freedom in the construction of the project. I thought the machine made tyfus herrie (noise in Dutch) So I called the machine Tyfus. The knobs are labeled ellende, herrie and storing, which roughly translates to misery, noise and glitch.

The machine is based on the CMOS 40106 Hex-Schmitt Inverter and works by colliding 6 oscillators togehter.

Refreshing my Arduino Skills using the Arduino Projects book by Scott Fitzgerald and Michael Shiloh. I've worked with Arduino during my Bachelor, but I just wanted to be ready for the FMI program so I decided to refresh the basics.