Mark Buitenwerf

Collage Experiments


During my studies as a musician I got more and more drawn in to the art department within the same institute. I was especially drawn to collages made by some of my fellow graphic design students. I started messing with programs like GIMP, Pixlr and Paint.NET for which I got heavily criticized because I wasn't using the Adobe Suite. This was just more fuel on the fire and I started to exploit the raw unfiltered power of these open source platforms.


The advantage of these programs I was using was that they aren't as polished as Photoshop or Illustrator. The filters go way in to the red and are more rough in general. This gave a certain punk-ish esthetic's to my works. I was thinking how to make the Adobe Conformist angrier, so I started to exhibit my works at different small galleries where their traditional works weren't welcome. This rebellious act kicked off my career as an artist.





Popcultura Festival(NL) - 2012

De Walrus (NL) – 2013

Fries Museum (NL) – 2013