Mark Buitenwerf

Buske komt Dalyk


Buske komt Dalyk (Frisian for: the bus will come in a bit) was my first real project in public space as an artist. The final assignment of the first year of my Music Bachelor was to get media attention, by any means necessary. Together with musicians Nelleke van der Meulen and Tammy Rompas and Graphic Designer Lotte Bredewold we developed a concept to make traveling by bus a little more comfortable.


This was a reaction on a new public transport system that almost completely abolished paper bus tickets in favor of a RFID chip. This transition was a difficult one and caused loads of delays in the city of Leeuwarden. So me and my fellow students turned the central bus square into a nice and comfortable living room, attracting loads of attention.


Some passengers thought we were part of the occupy movement and called the cops on us. After I had some words with the local authorities they understood that we were just trying to do some good for the community and they let us stay. Meanwhile passengers were actually missing buses because they were attending the concerts we organized in our “living room” instead of going to work. The project was a big success and attracted multiple TV-stations, radio networks and newspapers. A review of the project can be found here (Dutch only)