Mark Buitenwerf

Constance Isabelle, a student at the royal conservatory of Antwerp asked me to collaborate on a workshop. Constance and I graduated together at the Academy for Popular Culture in Leeuwarden where we did a lot of multidisciplinary projects.


The goal of our two day workshops was to make a multidisciplinary performance combining designers, dancers, musicians en technology. On the first day we build a nice interactive dance floor with a MakeyMakey. The floor triggered certain samples on the computer when touched. We only made one a few of  the trigger plates grounded so the players would have to touch each other to make a ground connection.


On the second day we looked at the project from a more conceptual point of few and we decided to recreate the dance floor only bigger. The music samples were replaced by spoken word, giving the dancers a way to literately talk by the way they move. The backing track we used the first day was replaced by exciting musical improvisation by Constance and Pieter van den Branden.


The workshop was nice experience and out of the results new projects were planned. Everybody went home happy and inspired making the workshop a success.