Mark Buitenwerf

My name is Mark Buitenwerf. I am a  media artist from Groningen in the Netherlands.


In my work I'm combining audio-visual elements with interactivity to establish a co-creation between artist and audience. I see myself as a game maker, I set up the rules and border of the game and invite my audience to explore, play, test and question the work. Emphasis has moved lately from co-creation between artist and audience to the audience among them self. I find the concept of bringing random people together trough the means of art and co-creation very appealing and deserves more research.


I draw inspiration from technical innovations and my direct surroundings. The world is ever changing and only technology seems to be more or less able to catch up the zeitgeist. Lately I've been exploring (micro)biological and (bio)chemical technologies at the Waag society expanding my skill set in to the realm of biology and chemistry. I think this development defines me as an artist and a personality; always looking for new ways to create, research and think, endlessly curious.


Contact: info @



- BA Music from the Academy of Popular Culture (NL) - 2016

- BA Design from the Academy of Popular Culture (NL) - 2016

- MAA Media, Art, Design and Technology from th Frank Mohr Institute - ongoing




Media Art Friesland Young Master Audience Award - 2016

Artrepreneur Award - 2014


Exhibitions & Presentations


Luna Light Festival 2016

Media Art Friesland Festival 2016

Greenhouse @ Hanze Hoogeschool 2016

My First Festival @ Oosterpoort 2016

Nacht van Kunst en Kennis 2016

Sounds of Music Festival @ Galerie SIGN 2016

UIT festival Leeuwarden 2016

Nacht van Kunst en Wetenschap 2016

Generate Festival 2016

Noorderzon 2016

Sneeuw en Ruis @ Vechtclub XL 2016

Noise, Soup and Knowledge @ Galerie SIGN 2016

Oranjewoud festival 2015

Oranjewoud festival 2014




"The most beautiful place of Frisia" - Subjective Atlas of Frisia - Analys de Vet - 2014